March 2, 2015

So, English...

Kia ora!

I realise that some of you reading may be thinking "Wow what's going on with her spell check?  Enrolment with one l? Rumour with a u? Symbolises with an s? Did she just forget how to spell?" Well... I'm in NZ now! 

Spelling in NZ English is slightly different than spelling in US English, and I've even switched the language on my Mac to NZ English to adhere to the local spelling conventions. A few differences between NZ English and US English include the use of extra u's (ex: colour vs color), s's instead of z's (ex: realise vs. realize), one l instead of two (enrol vs. enroll), and -re endings instead of -er (centre vs. center), just to name a few. 

Also, "z" is pronounced zed, not zee...

Happy reading!

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